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Tile and Grout Cleaning

No matter how much you clean, do your grout lines seem to attract dirt and grime? This is because grout is porous and difficult to clean. As a result, dingy-looking grout can spoil the appearance of your ceramic tiles. If your once white grout looks grey and dingy, you may despair over ever getting it back to its original, clean, bright appearance.

What's worse than how your floors look is what's hidden in those stains and grunge. Germs? Bacteria? It can't be hygienic. If the ceramic tiles and grout on your bathroom or kitchen floors have lost their sparkle, we can help. At Pro-One Carpet & Duct Cleaning we tackle built-up dirt and stubborn stains to clean your tile and grout.

We Give Your Tiles a "Like-New" Appearance

Our standard Tile & Grout cleaning service is performed over two appointments.

In our first appointment we do the following:

  • Apply cleaning solution to tile.
  • Agitate with electric rotor.
  • Hand scrub grout with scrub brush.
  • Extract cleaning solution using our Truck Mounted unit.
  • Apply Neutralizer to tile and grout.
  • Extract Neutralizer with Truck Mounted unit.
  • Set up fans for 5 to 10 minutes to accelerate the drying process.
  • Schedule second appointment with you.

We schedule a second appointment to inspect your tile and grout after it has completely dried. Generally, the second visit is only necessary as a "touch up" appointment. Whenever possible, we usually schedule our second visit to occur approximately 24 hours after our first appointment with you.

 Your first step to a cleaner, more stress-free life begins when you contact Pro-One Carpet & Duct Cleaning!